Coach, Mentor and Motivator

Corporate Coaching

Organizations that incorporate coaching into their culture see sustainable improvements in key areas.  I will help you inspire employees to reach certain goals, maximize profit and productivity in consonance with the values and goals set by the company

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Personal development – Coach, Mentor and Motivator

Have you ever wondered what personal development is all about? It’s the process of creating a feasible action plan and a supportive platform to achieve your utmost desires. I will equip you with all the tools you need to enhance your mindfulness, improve your life and make it a masterpiece.

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The social impact

Silvana is able to support non-profit associations and organizations and enable them to grow to develop social impact (i.e. organizations for Down syndrome, Alcoholic Anonymous, for children with rare diseases and Silvana is able to support individual families affected by the social issues.

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Coach, Mentor and Motivator: Possibilities within Impossibilities

Business Strategy and growth

Build a successful and sustainable business: create, plan and act. I will help you to understand the nitty-gritty of your business niche, build an effective team and develop a unique business strategy.

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Leadership Coaching

As a Leader you face ever increasing challanges and you may feel like you are reacting more than leading. You are ready for an outside perspective to help you focus your time and energy, regain balance and lead by example.

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Coaching for Teams

Build engaged and vibrant teams. Your team is made up of great people with strong skills but you are not getting the results you expected. When something goes wrong within a team, it can be hard to identify the exact cause and even harder to get things back on track. I will help you establish and maintain a team that works.

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Coaching for Organizations

Build unity, increase employee engagement, influence culture, support employee retention and ensure results

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Sales Coaching

High impact sales coaching to drive sales performance: increase team engagement  and reduce staff turnover

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Personal development

Coaching and mentoring program to help you define true success and then start achieving it. Live your dream rather than wishing it.

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What My Clients Say

Silvana is amazing. When I first went to see her, I knew something was wrong with what was going on in my head but I couldn’t work out what. With her help and skill we were able to work together towards a pathway that would give me purpose, determination and belief in myself to see clearly. I could not have done this without her help and understanding, without any judgement she has shown me the skills and tools I need to love me again. Thank you so much Silvana, I can not recommend you highly enough. Kelly C.

Kelly C.

I had a Session with Silvana in the summer and I can only speak good things about the experience. Silvana was really sensitive to my reactions and helped me through the process with a very soft voice that helped me relax immediately. I was able to clearly visualize my “safe place” and she leaded me into filling out all the details which made the experience even more real: the smells, the sounds, the colors… it was intense and beautiful and I look forward to more sessions in the future. Totally recommended!

Carlota C.

“I have known Silvana for a couple of years and followed her career, and still do. I came to a crossroad in my personal and professional life and asked Silvana for help. Now I have the tools to move forward. Thanks Silvana”


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