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 Silvana is a qualified Counsellor, Coach, Child Psychologist, Mentor, Motivator and Book Author with years of experience in personal development counselling and coaching. She specialises in stress, anxiety attacks, loss of self-esteem and self-confidence, which occur due to trauma or loss, such as the death of a loved one, divorce, abortion, etc.

Coping with Grief & Loss

It is normal to feel lost, sometimes lonely and desperate during such difficult moments of crisis, following a loss of a loved one, during a divorce or after a relationship breakdown, after an abortion or in any case in which one is experiencing trauma. Feeling lost and powerless and seeing no solutions are stages following any difficult moment we go through in life. If you constantly say to yourself: “I feel terrible, will I ever be able to feel better in life? When is this pain going to end?” it is time to react and start counselling. Counselling will not only help you cope with these moments, but it will also help you discover internal resources to regain the happiness and the emotional stability that you deserve.

Rooting out your anxiety & stress

Have you ever felt a twinge of panic, even when you know it’s uncalled for? Have you ever been weighed down by a specific phobia or social anxiety disorder to the extent of being blank? If yes, we must diversify our conversations and bring more awareness to these issues to get to the roots of our anxiety, phobias and stress. Extreme fear gives us a chill, but what happens when the fear persists? For those who’re always afraid, routine duties can become cumbersome to handle and getting rid of such anxiety becomes one of their primary objectives. Anxiety is simply another way to infuse meaning into our world; what makes you anxious could propel someone else to new heights. Hence, to overcome anxiety, you’ve got to comprehend its basics. Generally speaking, anxiety is an excessive, persistent fear or worry in non-threatening situations. It can come from specific triggers, like public speaking or taking flights, or manifest when you keep comparing yourself with others. Anxiety can also manifest in sweating, difficulty in breathing, insomnia, tremors and muscular tension. Those who are constantly anxious can feel restless, have trouble concentrating, or have an impending sense of calamity.

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Relationship Counselling

Understanding through a healthy form of communication is the main characteristic of a strong couple who wants to stay together and face life’s adversities. Sometimes, however, unforeseen problems, changes of personal path, different expectations and aspirations can lead to a break in the balance that is very difficult to restore. Relationship counselling becomes essential when both people desire to overcome all difficulties but do not have the know-how.

Teenage Support

Having the proper connection with our teens is the foundation for healthy discipline in them. With this teenage support, your teens will cultivate the growth mindset necessary to build the confidence that motivates them to do the right thing. It equips them with a strong internal locus of control and helps them develop their sexual identity and overcome their fears and build strong self-confidence and self-esteem. It also offers support to families and kids that have been bullied.



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