Root out your anxiety and stress 

Have you ever felt a twinge of panic, even when you know it’s uncalled for? Have you ever been weighed down by a specific phobia or social anxiety disorder to the extent of being blank? If yes, then it’s important that we diversify our conversations and bring more awareness to these issues in order to get to the roots of our anxiety, phobias and stress.

Extreme fear gives us a chill, but what happens when the fear persists? For those who’re always afraid, routine duties can become cumbersome to handle and getting rid of such anxiety becomes one of their primary objectives. Anxiety is simply another way to infuse meaning into our world; what makes you anxious could propel someone else to new heights. Hence, to overcome anxiety, you’ve got to comprehend its basics.

Generally speaking, anxiety is an excessive, persistent fear or worry in non-threatening situations. It can come from specific triggers, like public speaking or taking flights, or manifest when you keep comparing yourself with others. Anxiety can also manifest in other ways like sweating, difficulty in breathing, insomnia, tremors and muscular tension. Those who’re constantly anxious can feel restless, have trouble concentrating, or have an impending sense of calamity.