Silvana is a qualified Counsellor, Coach, Child Psychologist, Mentor, Motivator and Book Author with years of experience in personal development counselling and coaching. She specialises in stress, anxiety attacks, loss of self-esteem and self-confidence, which occur due to trauma or loss, such as the death of a loved one, divorce, abortion, etc.
Her mission has always been to help people who are in difficulty, who are unable to move forward in a healthy and balanced way, by showing them the immense possibilities and resources that they have, but which for some reason are kept hidden. Self-esteem and self-confidence have always been fundamental subjects that underlie the realisation of personal and work projects. Silvana focuses a lot on the concept that one should not be content, nor should one ever learn to accept dissatisfaction, anxiety, stress and that sense of unfulfillment because everyone deserves to live their life to the full.
She is very passionate about what she is doing! Nothing is gratifying to her like helping you discover your true purpose because that discovery is needed to make your life a true masterpiece. Her priority is your success and well-being in life, and whatever your needs are, they will be covered via a holistic approach that targets your goal(s).
Silvana has travelled and worked in different places globally and has lived in the UK for several years. Her extensive work background across different environments and cultures as a certified counsellor allows her to offer steady support for those who want to identify the factors hindering their progress in life.

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