Coach Mentor and Motivator

I am a Certified Coach, Child Psychologist, Mentor, Motivator and Author with years of experience in personal development coaching and corporate training. Over the years, I’ve developed an ideal practice about figuring out possibilities from impossibilities and creating a life-changing experience for people.

My extensive work background across different environments and cultures as a certified coach (I have traveled and worked in many places in the world) allows me to offer steady support for those who want to identify the factors hindering their progress in life.

I am very passionate about what I am doing! Nothing is gratifying to me like helping you discover your true purpose because that discovery is needed to make your life a true masterpiece. Your success and wellbeing in life is my priority, and whatever your needs are, they will be covered via a holistic approach that targets your goal(s).

I offer personalized training and coaching services in 3 languages (Italian, Spanish, and English) and I’ve nurtured thousands of people to succeed by unleashing their inner strengths. That’s why I’m here to help you too to boost your confidence, build relevant connections, leverage your unique potential to take action and equip you with just what you need to become a game-changer.

With Silvana, you can positively transform yourself and take full control of your life.

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