The change you desire starts with you and that’s why I’m here to help you embrace your situations and go through them to reach your maximum potential. I’ll stay with you until the world recognizes and celebrate you and whatever you do.

What you stand to gain.
As a Certified Coach, business strategist, mentor, and motivator, I promise you the first-class management of your needs. When you begin this transformational journey with me, I’ll teach you how to put your past behind you, leverage the right actions and spark your revolution.
Why Silvana Scibetta?

No more anxiety: Are you incessantly troubled about everything? Do you experience constant fatigue, difficulty in concentration or have sleepless nights? Whatever your reasons are for being anxious, I’ll help you root them out and get rid of your anxiety before it affects your inner tranquility.

Improved Self-esteem: Do you find it hard to do something or associate yourself with others because of self-doubt? Do you spend lots of time criticizing yourself? Do you keep hitting the same roadblock always just because of your low self-esteem? Worry no more as I can help to change your narrative and ditch your feelings of insecurity, inferiority, and self-pity.

Coping with trauma: Are you deeply disturbed about a threatening event? Were you assaulted in any way or did your lover just break up with you? Are you trying to manage a loss or bereavement? It’s not unusual to be overwhelmed by such events but you need to talk to someone before your traumatic situation becomes acute stress for you. I’m here to support you and help you manage those intense feelings.

Overcoming teenage problems: Does your teen shy away from his/her peer-problems? Does your teen struggle with bullying or other issues at school but refuses your intervention as a parent. It’s time for you to change gears and seek the help of a personal coach. I’ll help your teen(s) walk through their problematic teenage years; teach them to be more responsible for their actions and empathetic in their reactions.

Organizational efficiency: Are you finding it difficult to implement your business plans using the available resources? Is your business experiencing a downtime? If you’re determined to achieve your goals, I can help you through my corporate training and figure out how to be more effective using a time-based and measurable approach.


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