These practices are very powerful and will help you relax, have a mental, spiritual and emotional balance, but most importantly will help you achieve your goals in life.
Every dream is real and will come true when you start visualizing it

Relax, visualise your blessings, receive positive energy and reconnect with your self-love

Do you want to immediately feel at peace with yourself, in full harmony and clarity? RelaxViva sessions are for you: it is not just a meditation, but a search for inner strengths and resources, which you gradually bring to the surface and which will help you to feel better about yourself, love yourself more, re-discover your beauty and be much more open and ready to achieve your desired objectives. It is a technique that I have been practising for years with many of my students and consists of a mixture of meditation, relaxation, stimulation of the subconscious and release of energy and positivity. You will feel the effect immediately after the session. This is a recurring event. I look forward to seeing you.

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