The Social Impact

Silvana is able to support non-profit associations and organizations and enable them to grow to develop social impact (i.e. organizations for Down syndrome, Alcoholic Anonymous, for children with rare diseases

Silvana is able to support individual families affected by the social issues. We all have important responsibilities to be involved in transforming our respective communities. Silvana Scibetta work with organizations to develop and discover ways to transform other people’s lives and shine a light through their dark times.

She makes you see the possibilities within impossibilities and whatever the issue affecting you or those around you, she has got the perfect listening ears. She offers an extensive list of psychological support structures and other vital resources that can help you to cope and have a better future.

So whether you intend to increase your focus, minimize your doubts, cope with a threatening disease, grow your mindset, deal with grief or even hold on to a beam of positivity when there seems to be nothing positive, Silvana has got you covered.

Her unique events and coaching products are designed to help you yield the desired outcomes as she’s always with you along the way, pushing you until you break through all the limitations that hold you back. She offers just the perfect environment to birth your ideas to life and you’ll never regret banking on her.

Connect with Silvana today to take charge of your world in ways you never thought possible!


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